Thinking Green | A Springboard For Green Thought

We would like to have dialog on things that are really green. So we want to provide some topics as a springboard for further green thinking. Some of it may surprise you. For instance:

  • An energy saving device that uses more energy to manufacture than it will ever save, is not green!
  • Organic, or natural, (usually botanical) products that require shipment of the raw materials to a factory, a lengthy and energy consuming manufacturing process, labeling, and packaging which required energy and resources to produce, which is then shipped again, or stored in a warehouse where it consumes more energy, is a lot less green than say, mowing more frequently, getting rid of brush and debris, and plugging the holes in your home to keep the bugs out! This may be a greener form of pest control, but it is not green.
  • Saving the rain forests is a great green goal. We lose a lot when we lose an acre of oxygen giving, biodiverse forest land. We also have a major threat to biodiversity in the U.S. and many other parts of the world because of the invasion of non native, exotic species, which take over forests and waterways. The green solution is to prevent this. When that is not possible, is the use of chemicals to preserve biodiversity better than losing it altogether?

I am sure you can think of a lot of others. This is sometimes the difference between being “trendy” green, and being truly green, but it is something that needs to become a part of the dialog in this area.