Greenest Pest Control: Prevention

What is the greenest form of pest control? Some say, biological, some say botanical, but I am here to tell you that for the greenest green you have ever seen, pest prevention beats them all. If you stop them from getting into your lawn, garden, landscape, and home, you won’t have to spray them with anything, chemical or botanical!

Some people prefer to just live with the bugs and weeds, but most folks, even the most dedicated, use something. For example, you love in a house, because it affords some comfort. Part of that comfort, is the knowledge that you probably won’t have quite as many scorpions and spiders crawling on your face, as you would if you slept inside a brush pile!

Pest prevention, is just about making your personal space, a little more comfortable for you, and less attractive to insects and rodents.

There is a great website dedicated completely to the art and science of pest prevention! It has a step by step program for stopping pests, from the edges of your lawn, to the inside of your home, and it is cost free. Just read and follow the instructions, and you will be on your way.

These are a few sample pages and snippets:

Bugs And Weeds

Welcome to Bugs and Weeds! This site is all about, well, er, uh, bugs and weeds. Bugs suck! No, they really do! Not just the ones that bug you, but they all suck. That’s how they get nutrition. A creature becomes a bug to us, when it starts to bug us. As obvious as that may sound, it is true.

Prevention Starts Outdoors

Preventing pests is better than controlling pests, for the same reason that preventing house fires is better than controlling house fires! There is a lot of information on preventing pests in the home, most of it deals with the obvious: “Clean your house, seal your food, check for holes, close your trash can, stop leaving the doors open when you run out to the mailbox you moron!”

IPM For Homes, Schools, and Other Public Properties

The first step in any IPM program is pest prevention. Indoor pest prevention begins outdoors. Most pest experts agree that most of our lawn, ornamental, and indoor pests live out their life cycles on the property where they are a problem.

Consumer Product Information

All pesticides, both commercial and organic naturals have to be manufactured, packaged, shipped, and stored. All of these things require energy! If you want to be truly green, you should give some thought to the obvious eco smart alternative. Pest Prevention!

How To Use This Site

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