Greenest Pest Control

Why do we say that pest prevention is the “greenest” pest control? Well, we have our reasons, and we listed some of them bellow.

  • No energy spent on the shipment of raw materials for the product to a factory.
  • No energy to manufacture the product.
  • No energy spent to ship raw materials for packaging.
  • No energy to manufacture packaging.
  • No energy to ship raw materials for labeling.
  • No energy to manufacture and print labeling.
  • No energy spent on storage at the factory.
  • No energy spent on shipment to a warehouse.
  • No energy for storage in a warehouse.
  • No energy for shipping the finished product.
  • No energy for displaying in a retail store.
  • There is no packaging to end up in a landfill.

When you look at each of the steps involved in getting any product, chemical, or natural from raw material to you, you can see that all of the steps put together make one very large carbon footprint! Wouldn’t it be better to just stop them before they get started?

Taken from: Why Is Prevention The Greenest Pest Control? From Bugs and Weeds