Eco Unique Products And Services!

So, how are we different, how are we unique? It is like this. We provide free information on a variety of environmental and practical environmental topics such as preventing pests, caring for ponds and lakes, invasive plants, and biodiversity and infrastructure information.

For instance:

  • We have the most comprehensive do it yourself pest prevention program on the web, free of charge, at BugsAndWeeds.com.

It contains step by step, how to prevent pests starting with your outer landscape, lawn, and home, in simple. logical terms, without using pesticides, and without having to live with the problem!

We consider pest prevention to be the greenest form of pest control, greener even than botanical products. It requires no raiding of ecologically delicate regions for materials, no carbon fuels to ship them to factory, no carbon fuels to manufacture, no carbon for packaging, no shipping to an outlet, or storage in a warehouse. You can’t get any “greener” than that!

There is a lot more, so look around, we are sure you will find something to improve your environment!